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The fine people here at Backburner Games are not ones to rest on our laurels, oh no. Sure, we thought about it. We could just sit back and bask in the glory of our accomplishments, living high on the hog, enjoying the finest ketchup available. Sure, we could while away our time playing games of high-stakes Chutes and Ladders as we bask in the glow of our color television set. But that would be the easy way out. No thank you sir, no thank you. Also we discoverd that laurels really aren't that comfortable.

So, we've started on a brand new project. And for those of you with even just a tiny shred of vision and vast quantities of cold, hard cash, we are accepting investments. Unmarked, small denomination bills are acceptable forms of payment, as are any objects made of gold or other precious metals. Precious, precious metals. We'll be waiting behind the dumpsters at the 7-11 on Main Street most evenings. You will recognize us by our "business casual" attire and briefcases full of Backburner Games stock certificates.


After incredibly extensive gameplay beta-testing, Statbuilder Classic has finally hit the long-awaited version 1.03!!! When a game reaches version 1.03 you know it's solid, and this one is no exception. Gone are the hellish days of players not noticing that there is a row of buttons at the top of the screen. Never again will they attempt to load their game and be confronted with some silly Flash error message that even seasoned developers like ourselves can't begin to comprehend! I mean, come on! Throw us a bone here, Flash!


Backburner Games is now online! Brace yourself for what will prove to be one of the most recent places you've ever visted on the web in your whole entire life.

Check out the first of our many fine game-type products: Statbuilder Classic! Ah, Statbuilder... What can be said about Statbuilder that hasn't already been forgotten long ago? Hence our decision to hack into our original Statbuilder executable files (having long since misplaced the source code) and painstakingly extract all the precious game logic! And when that didn't work we re-wrote it anyway! Yes, it's better and more awesome than ever before.

Statbuilder Classic

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